Clicked has produced an in-depth report looking at all aspects of wearable technology.


The report covers smartwatches, activity trackers, sportswatches, smartglasses and smartclothing.


Using clever quantitative surveying and in-situ qualitative interviews with users, we have built up a sophisticated view of the UK wearable technology category.

Wearables market report.

Wearable Technology Report

What you need to know


We have tracked the growth of wearable technology by interviewing a nationally representative sample of the UK population over 18 months until November 2015. The report comprises interviews with over 3,000 people.


The report tracks the appeal of benefits offered by wearables, providing you with a sophisticated view of why wearables are attractive and which benefits your company could leverage.


This is supplemented with in-depth interviews with current users of wearable technology, providing you with a data rich report that is invaluable to organisations invested in wearable technology.

Report Contents

Profiling of current wearable device users


  • Ownership of gadgetry: Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers, Sports Watches, Smart Glasses (AR and VR), Smart Clothing

  • Owner demographics

  • Wearables brands owned

  • Purchase journey: Retail channel, influences

  • How long wearables have been owned

  • How often wearables are used

  • Lapsed usage: Length of use, reason for lapsing

  • Feelings about ownership


Profiling of UK population (inc. device owners)


  • Levels of interest in specific wearable devices

  • Demographics of those extremely interested

  • Interest in features of wearables (39 features in total across health and exercise, information, communication & navigation, entertainment, retail, finance)

  • Barriers to ownership of wearable devices

  • Levels of considered interest in specific wearable devices (after features and day in life are rated)




  • Segmentation of high incidence users and those extremely interested in owning

  • Summary and closing remarks


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