Research involving the usability of digital materials makes up a great deal of the work we do. Over the years this has become art as much as science.


The techniques used to explore the way people interact with digital interfaces have evolved to be sensitive to the psychological issues at play, meaning we take a lot of care to ensure environment, process and moderation are carefully designed. 


Face to face usability testing

Usability testing is useful when your website, mobile website or app needs fine tuning.


We design tests to evaluate navigation, orientation and content. We'll be testing for problems and suggesting improvements.

A standard sample is comprised of 6 users who are recruited to a specified user typology. The user is given tasks to complete whilst the researcher observes their actions and checks on how satisfying the experience is for the user.

Usability groups

Usability Groups are group discussions and usage tests combined.


Users are convened into qualitative groups but each have a PC terminal, tablet or smartphone to view digital designs. High res prototypes and live websites are normally used as field materials.


Designs are evaluated and users discuss the expectations and realities, suggesting and discussing improvements.


This technique, when applied to the correct research scenario, will produce deeper insights than user testing alone.

Eye tracking

Usability testing can be supplemented with Eye Tracking or other biometrics. It can provide you with valuable reassurance that the most important elements of digital content are visible.   


We're also able to offer galvanic skin response and facial coding techniques, as part of a biometrics service.




Remote user testing

This technique allows users to go through a series of tests on their PC, tablet or smartphone.


A test may comprise of navigating to specific content, registering for a service or using the e-commerce system.


The resulting data is a series of statistics and/or video capture of the screen and user completing the tasks.

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