February 26, 2016


The latest wave of results from our Wearable Technology Tracker reveal some surprising trends.


Here are the headline findings from the November '15 wave of our bi-annual tracker, revealing consumer adoption of the category. The research is based on 3,000 accumulated i...

February 16, 2016

Mobile first means creating a digital strategy that assumes consumers will be primarily using a smartphone to interact with brands. The concept has grown in importance during 2015 and there are some very good reasons for that.

Rewind a few years to 2007 when we all used...

June 17, 2015

As device differentiation reduces the volume is turned up on the operating and ecosystem.


Android are trying hard to win hearts and they may be winning. Android’s “be together, not the same” tagline is working well to generate discussion around connectivity and s...

April 7, 2015

During the research we do for retailers we come across three recurring themes: the importance of mobile channels, personalisation and immediacy. Here's why they are so important to consumers:


1, Make it mobile: 93% of all sales are still physical, but the biggest chann...

February 18, 2015

The ‘post purchase blues’ are so, so critical to capture in the User Journey 

These days the customer journey to purchase can be long and complex. In the research we conduct we see that people are taking longer than in the past because people want to be smart and not ma...

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