The strategic research services we provide tend to be focussed on the business objectives of your communications. These communications may need to increase visitation, generate higher sales, create a deeper connection with the brand, or clearly introduce a new product. 


At this stage, Clicked research services are focussed on collecting information and suggesting strategies to move forward based on our expert opinion, rather than involving audiences or users in research. 


Stakeholder Discovery 

Faced with a range of internal stakeholders with differing needs and requirements, how do you determine what is important to focus on?

Stakeholder Discovery Workshops are a great way to obtain consensus about the range of salient issues within large organisations.


When stakeholders come together in the workshop each and every person – from divisional heads to product managers – becomes a champion for acting upon the study recommendations.


Launching and promoting brands online and making the most of ecommerce opportunities can often be a challenge for marketers.

Toolkits are documents that are an easy to use resource for brand teams and marketers who need to feel confident about digital techniques.


We use your internal assets as well as the latest best practice guidelines to provide specific examples of ecommerce techniques for your products and brands. 


Expert review

An expert review will usually take place before user fieldwork.


Clicked UX experts can carry out a number of tasks to evaluate a website, mobile website or app against a number of usability and design principles:


  • Task orientation and website functionality

  • Navigation and information architecture

  • Forms and data entry

  • Trust and credibility

  • Quality of writing and content

  • Search

  • Help, feedback and error tolerance

  • Page layout and visual/aesthetic design

  • Accessibility and technical design


We’ll talk you through the report implications and create a hierarchy of recommendations to help you prioritise change.

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