A threat to established shopping patterns or new opportunity for brands?

July 7, 2014

It’s interesting to see how a new wave of product photo tagging services are infiltrating social media, offering new ways for brands to reach customers.


These third party services allow customers to buy products they like the look of, without having to disrupt their social media experience by searching for them online.


One such service is liketoknow.it The simple premise is as follows:


1, You browse social media such as Instagram and ‘like’ the photos of products that have a relevant like.it tag

2, You’re sent an email with the photo reference, and a direct link to an etailers website


That’s it. It’s a very ingenious way for brands to reach customers. It removes big ecommerce barriers that could side-track the purchase; most notably the inertia of having to search for the product and the unreliable tagging of products in retailers websites.


For example, say I need a new shirt. I see ‘the one’ in magazine supplement that is sold by H&M. I visit the H&M website and it isn’t there, despite searching each category and using the search tool. I then go in-store. It is not in that branch. Finally, I go to the flagship H&M branch on Oxford Street, London, and there it is, hidden away under the swell of other clothes!


In this new scenario, I could have liked it on Instagram and received an email directing me to an etailer online where I could have purchased and had it delivered within a few clicks.


The opportunities for new product launches across categories are huge. Good luck to liketoknow.it and others in that space.

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