Review of MRS social media conference

September 9, 2012

Some great speakers at the Social Media Research conference last week. Boots, Channel 4, Nokia, J&J were all present in the audience, although I counted 80 agencies and 8 clients in total - which tells you how engaged research buyers are at the moment - or how busy they are - depending on your point of view.


Personally I enjoyed @DarrenMarkNoyce from Skopos who made the very good point that MROC’s can be regarded as social media. I hadn’t thought of them in that way before but it makes perfect sense. He also made the point that very few agencies publicise themselves as specialising in social media monitoring.


Personally I think that whilst research agencies know they can easily do it by using one of the many tools available, it feels like the realm of PR and media agencies. I also think that clients aren’t sure about the ROI of measuring it either.


Cue Charlie Osmond CEO of Freshminds. He highlighted how ROI of social media is difficult to measure because there are so many effects of cross channel marketing. Go for it if you are measuring tactical campaigns, but step away if you are looking to measure strategy.


Most entertaining sesh was from @ploungetweets who shipped in 6 teens to discuss how to appeal in social media. They made the very interesting point that twitter is now where it’s at because it’s more current, with FB relegated to what ‘my mum uses’.


I’ve picked that up myself in research a while back - FB just seems a little middle aged these days. One teen was using Tumblr and talking about it socially as well.


Mark Donovan from Channel 4 managed to single handedly increase my library of social media buzz words with his paper on social media and TV. Loved it. My favourite was ‘peer reccomendation’. C4 viewers are highly connected - more than the average viewer - and C4 obviously know how to use and assess social media as hashtags appear all over their content these days.

Overall it was a good event. More clients would have been good to hear what they want and need, but my guess is they are busy > uninterested.

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