ROI and Validation.

Research to validate the improvements made to your digital materials will help provide the evidence you need to inform ROI (return on investment).


These can be soft measures such as an improved user experience resulting in a more favourably perceived brand experience, or hard measures such as an increase in propensity to purchase products.


Clicked research services are designed to cover all elements of ROI, offering a range of measures.

Quantitative surveys
Validation depths

In a perfect scenario, benchmark your digital product, brand or service before any changes are made.

Quantitative surveys can be used to measure changes, validating adjustments and calculating ROI.


Changes may be slight, but can be significant when market share or sales increases are estimated. Classic measures we use at Clicked Research include:


  • Usage satisfaction (usability, communication)

  • Brand appeal (image, differentiation)

  • Usability (Orientation, navigation)

  • Purchase propensity (likelihood to use/buy)

  • E-commerce (basket, conversion, abandon) 

We run validation interviews a great deal to approve and justify adjustments that have been made to your digital material.

A qualitative depth interview at the validation stage is a very open discussion with no agenda. We usually allow users to move through websites, apps or watch advertising freely whilst listening for spontaneous evidence of improvement.

After this initial stage, prompted questions and tasks are instigated specifically related to any adjustments that have been made.

Surveys filtered to forums

When calculating ROI, surveys provide the numbers, but by filtering those who answer extremely positively into online forums we can access softer measures of ROI.


Online forums allow us to qualitatively support any quantitative uptick in the performance of digital materials:


  • Capturing how the changes have affected brand perceptions 

  • Providing evidence of increased satisfaction in the form of quotes

  • Supporting qualititative evidence of increased likelihood of conversion

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