You may be in the situation where you need to test very small adjustments to communications materials, or perhaps the changes are more substantial, involving communications campaigns designed to generate new behaviour from your customers.  


Clicked research agency services involving the research of design and communications will provide you with the emotional depth needed to move communications forward with confidence.

Design and Comms.

Communications development
Digital design groups

Evaluating and improving communications is a core competence of Clicked. 


Qualitatively, we are comfortable working with mood boards, storyboards, prototypes or animatics to evaluate strategic ideas and provide support on creative executional development. 


Quantitatively we will create surveys that intelligently identify winning creative ideas or executions by ensuring they are powerful in the context of competitive brands. 

Digital design groups focus on maximising website and app visual presentation.


We gather existing behaviours and expectations, evaluate current designs and then workshop best practice examples for specific categories.


They are also very worthwhile to compare and contrast local markets cultural framework, helping companies to adapt to cultural expectations.


Online forums

Biometric methods are a way to capture system 1 (nonconscious and non verbal) reactions to digital materials. 


This is a specialised field of research that is especially suited to evaluating communications materials, new website or app designs, and new concept testing and development.


Because of the specialist skills involved, we have a web page devoted to biometrics where you can read more about the techniques we use.



We drive respondents to a private online forum for online, qualitative feedback.


Online forums have quite a few features which make them a worthwhile consideration for researching digital materials, most notably:


  • they allow users to participate as a group or on a one-to-one basis

  • they can be live for a long period of time, allowing you to make adjustments and re-post

  • they remove moderator effects

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