Audience, shopper, customer.

Audience, shopper and customer analysis involves exploring peoples lives, attitudes and behaviours. The audience demographics may be known to you, but what about their attitudes and opinions about your product, brand, services and digital communications? 


Capturing and evaluating their lifestyles, attitudes, journeys and behaviour can be done quantitatively and qualitatively using various techniques. 

Quantitative user analysis

We use quantitative research to:


  • Carefully identify and characterise users, audiences and markets

  • Measure current user thinking about digital materials 


We use surveys for a wide variety of research tasks, for example:

  • Measuring the appeal of new concepts or advertising communications

  • Segmenting and measuring the size and value of markets

  • Capturing usage and attitudes towards digital brands and products

Customer journey mapping

The customer journey to your brand will invariably include a digital touchpoint. The journey isn't always linear - often an omnichannel route to purchase is used.


  • Pre research, we'll run a workshop to generate a hypothesis map of the journey

  • We'll then run qualitative research with your customers - and with competitor users

  • We'll quantify the journey to evaluate where the pain is most prevalent


Our Journey Maps outline persona, scenario, actions, thoughts, feelings, channels and opportunities to improve the journey.

UA interviews

If your brands' digital users are easily identified and recruited, it can be worthwhile conducting User Analysis interviews to generate a deeper understanding of the user’s values, attitudes and behaviour.

UAI's are a classic qualitative technique for eliciting attitudinal and behavioural detail. The interview user techniques to capture users views about:


  • Service experiences  

  • Attitudes towards brands and communications

  • Exposure to your digital communications

  • Experiences that delight, and disappoint!

Mobile ethnography

Observing people in their real life environment is a useful way to help understand the way they interact with your products and services.

Tasking people to record thier interactions with brands and communications using mobile apps is a simple and unobtrusive way to gather data.  

Our ethnographic reports include photos and videos and will form a useful and insightful part of the audience analysis stage of research.

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